“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Melissa Hall, NCGIA Trainer/Certifier to anyone looking to hire a private personal instructor for feline grooming certification or anyone just wanting to learn how to groom cats. Melissa spent one week here in Reno, Nevada at the Cozy Cattery Boarding Resort and Grooming Spaw with myself and my staff, it was an incredible week with 15 cats to groom. Melissa is an excellent instructor as she is very knowledgeable with many years of grooming experience under her belt. She’s fun, patient, understanding, and full of lots of great tips!! Her expertise and instruction were highly appreciated, invaluable to my business and very gratifying at the same time. I am forever grateful for everything I have learned from Melissa and will carry forward the knowledge she has given me.”

-- Krista Lindberg Owner, Cozy Cattery Boarding Resort and Grooming Spaw

“I had the privilege of doing my personal private instruction and the remaining of my practicals with Melissa in September 2017. I don’t know why the thought of taking exams after the age of 22 is frighting but it is. Melissa helped calm my nerves so I could focus on the hands on learning. Upon arrival Melissa was extremely kind and welcoming. I have never felt once like I was out of place or did not belong, it had been over 5 years since I was in a salon setting. She was prepared to help me succeed. Melissa’s knowledge and experience make her one of the best then add her sparkling fun humor and our time together flew by. I learned a tremendous amount of information. Melissa has a grand ability to encourage and grow our excitement about grooming cats. When it came time for me to take my practicals I was so confident in my abilities that I did not even feel like I was taking an exam. I also had the privilege of attending one of Melissa’s Workshops in Minnesota in August of 2018. This was a room full of others interested in cat grooming. Watching her is an awesome experience I continue to learn from Melissa even a year after my initial PPI. I look forward to future events that will cross our paths again”

-- Jacque Opp, PetAgree Mobile Grooming, ND

“I hired Melissa for my workshop and was not disappointed! She is a wonderful speaker and explains everything in an easy to follow manner. All of my attendees felt comfortable and more importantly learned some cat grooming skills! I highly recommend Melissa Hall as speaker and even better for PPI training” 

-- Gracee Owen CFMG and Certifier

“ It was a one of kind experience! Melissa Hall is a good teacher that shows you how a cat should be groomed. She especially taught me the importance of giving each cat the best bath possible and proper shaving techniques. I wasn’t sure how a cat groom was supposed to go before I entered Melissa’s class, But after my training with her I wasn’t only made aware of how to groom a cat but left with the skills and inspiration to groom more cats! Melissa really knows how to work with each student and cater to their learning needs. I really enjoyed my time being her cat grooming student.”

-- Joseph A.

“ BEST CFMG trainer I could ever ask for.”

-- Crystal Dewars, Manager Petco, San Diego, CA

“ Working with Melissa perfected my handling skills and safe cat handling techniques”

- Chelsea Waddle CFMG, NCMG, Catty Canine Inc. Alberta