Are you interested in hosting Melissa Hall for a cat grooming Workshop? Melissa can travel to you and host workshops or seminars on a variety of cat grooming topics. Examples include but are not limited to: Intro to Cat Grooming, Hands-On teaching, cat temperaments and building a cat grooming business. Hosting Melissa at a workshop can provide more flexible learning or testing options for your salon. 

My current workshop(s): Feline by Design, Goodyear Arizona


Travel Details

If you are within Arizona and no overnight stay, no additional travel costs are required. Outside of Arizona and the U.S however, both flight reimbursement and accommodations are required. There are many variables to consider including time of year. A custom quote and/or a payment plan can be set up.


Cost Breakdown

Hands on Workshop or training is $1195 USD per day. These costs do not include travel and overnight accommodations. 


Your Salon and What You Need

You’ll need to have the appropriate setup for at least two people to work comfortably. If you are wanting certification and exams you will need to have the appropriate equipment. They are as follows:

  • Clipper Vac or similar system (required)
  • An Air-Muzzle or appropriate cat muzzle (required)
  • Cats you have successfully groomed in the last three months (required)
  • Catty-Shack Vac preferred but not required.